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Solid-state RF-powered heating

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are presently living though the 4th Industrial Revolution – the so-called Industry 4.0 paradigm – and the current trend in industrial production processes is to have agile and flexible systems that respond quickly and intelligently to changes and disturbances in the production environment without human interference.

The rationalization concept involves using intelligence, which implies capturing information and processing it in a systematic way.

“Product quality cannot be controlled only at the end of the product against established specifications, but must be guaranteed in design and built during manufacturing to ensure correct Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).”

FDA. September 2004

Mildtech RF Systems

Mildtech RF Systems are designed to revolutionise the domestic, commercial and industrial food-processing markets. By spearheading new innovations in solid-state technology applications and equipping them with our own proprietary PAT solution, we drive Mildtech to be a superior cooking and drying system. To realise this goal, Mildtech has a dedicated team of RF technologists to provide bespoke state-of-the-art PAT solution.

technology solutions

Specialising in the development of Real-Time Monitoring systems and Intelligent Analytical Platforms, we help clients and partners to take the next step towards Digital Transformation so that they can remain competitive throughout the shift to an Industry 4.0 paradigm. Information is processed by our AI-powered control software which in turn controls the input parameters which affect the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) of the product. To put it simply, Mildtech RF Systems incorporating IRIS’ VISUM technology are able to ‘keep an eye’ on your food so that you don’t have to.
“A higher knowledge of the Production Process is synonymous with Quality Assurance and greater Efficiency and Productivity.”

Alejandro Rosales

Science and Technology Manager at IRIS

In summary, the VISUM InLine NIR by-design device enables a Mildtech RF System processor to:

• Measure product moisture content (water activity and water content)

• Determine product end-point, for example the Maillard reaction end-point

• Detect Early Anomalies

• Reduce lead-time on products

• Improve efficiency

• Reduce production costs

• Save energy
When I was presenting a PAT course at a facility in the Netherlands (over a decade ago), the production chief stated, “We don’t need PAT. We know what we’re doing”. When I asked him if he ever made a failing batch, he answered, “Of course”. So I looked at him and stated, “Then you don’t know what you are doing and have been lucky, most of the time”. He sat quietly through the rest of the course.

Emil Ciurczak.

PAT pioneer and IRIS’s PAT External Consultant